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Public and club tracks

There are both PUBLIC family orientated motorcycle tracks and a CLUB owned and operated Motocross Track. Please visit the Alerts page to see if there are any current PUBLIC track closures.

Public Tracks - OPEN from Sunday 29/11/20

The public family orientated motorcycle tracks opened to the public in October 2012. Please see the Park Map for more track detail and the Alerts page for the latest track status.

Thank you for your patience while the tracks were closed during tree felling on the neighbouring property. Please remember your safety gear, under 12's on small 2 wheel bikes and only 2 wheel bikes on the other tracks.

For track status and event details for the Club Motocross Track, please contact The Tauranga Motorcycle Club

There is currently no charge to use the public tracks.

Further information regarding the Public Motorcycle Tracks:

  1. Kids Learner Track - Short track near car park
  2. Beginners Loop - Small beginners track
  3. Fang It - Generally closed during summer but generally open during winter, to allow a shorter practice track, when the larger tracks are closed.
  4. Short Cut - Midway through the Main Track
  5. Cliff Track - Short cut to do another loop of the Main Track.
  6. Main Track - 5 km track for advanced riders
  7. Relapse - Slow down to 5 km - end of tracks, leading to the car park

Club Motocross Track Detail:

The Tauranga Motorcycle Club built and mange the motocross track, which was opened in February 2015. For track status and event details for the Club Motorcross Track, please contact The Tauranga Motorcycle Club

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