Dogs - Off Leash Dog Exercise Area

Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area

The Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area is about 1 hectare, fully fenced and is suitable for all types and most dog sizes, over the age of 4 months. The fencing will not contain very small dogs but Park Staff are currently working on a smaller area for smaller dogs. Please check the Alerts Page for any closure updates.

The following rules apply to the Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area:

  1. Park hours apply to this area
  2. Owners should carry a leash at all times
  3. Dogs and children must be accompanied by an adult
  4. Please do not bring food or cigarettes into the area
  5. This is no place for a dog under the age of 4 months
  6. Owners must clean up after their dogs
  7. Please keep female dogs in heat, at home
  8. Dogs must be under VOICE CONTROL
  9. Dogs should be registered (and muzzled, if required by the Animal Control Act)

A toilet is located by the car park.

Further Information

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