Park Hours

Winter Hours 8am to 5pm.

Freedom Camping - CLOSED

The Freedom Camping area is currently CLOSED and is likely to be closed now until Spring.

Motorcycle Tracks - NOW OPEN

The public motorcycle tracks have just been reopened after some maintenance. Conditions may be a little slippery, so take time for a familiarisation lap before going "full noise".

Please remember your safety gear and that the tracks are for 2 wheel bikes only. The kids tracks are for 2 wheel kids bikes only, as the larger bikes damage these tracks.

For track status and event details for the Club Motocross Track, please contact The Tauranga Motorcycle Club.

Cellphone Tower - NOW OPERATIONAL

Please see the following page for technical information.

For Emergencies - AED Locations (Defibrillator)

Easy to use AED's can be found in the following locations:

  1. Ranger Station - Emergency kit bin
  2. Adrenalin Forest
  3. Clay Target Club Rooms


A KiwiCamp Facility has been delivered to the Park but is not yet operational. Park Staff hope to have the KiwiCamp facility operational midway through 2020. Please see the KiwiCamp website for more information.